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The 2017 Ride List (Part 2)

You might’ve read the first part I wrote a little while back. If you haven’t, it probably makes sense to read that first, although the list itself is in no particular order. Here’s the other 6 places I opted to stick on the list for 2017. 6. Dalby Forest Of course, this had to be on the list. I’ve been already and I’ll definitely be… Read More »The 2017 Ride List (Part 2)

The 2017 Ride List (Part 1)

2017 was always going to be the year I hit it. After getting into the sport properly in 2015, I spent 2016 on the Camber getting confident and quicker. By the time 2017 rolled round I’d purchased my dream bike (the Bronson) and drew up a list of all the places I wanted to visit imminently. I based the list on things I’d read, and… Read More »The 2017 Ride List (Part 1)

New Direction

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Somewhere between December 2015 and today, I managed to take Pedal Slip from an idea about sharing MTB experiences with others; through to a social media platform for MTB discussions; an independent MTB brand; and even dabbled in a little film making. It’s actually come full circle. I’ve now made the decision to move back to sharing experiences and connecting with other riders. That was… Read More »New Direction