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Welcome, friend.

I’m a photographer who believes that an image shouldn’t just capture the way things look but that it should capture the way things feel

It’s true that a photograph tells a story in an instant. 

From events to products, I provide high-quality imagery which helps you spread your message.


RACE photography

Arguably the world’s hardest downhill mountain bike race. Captured in 2019 and 2021 on behalf of Fusion Media.

I photographed some of the best professional riders in the world racing an intense track at consecutive events, freezing their motion and showing the incredible focus needed to perform at such a high level.

I capture events and races to share the feel of the day, as well as capture any heroics.

LET’s work on your project

Get in touch for your free quote and we can start working together to photograph your project.



Lighting and staging help get incredible detail shots of otherwise overlooked elements.

Atherton Bikes wanted some incredible bike shots to use across their brands, showcasing their high-end, premium product.



Capturing images of high-quality products in an equally top-end manner.

Making sure anything sold looks just as good as it works is a priority for businesses. I set up and shoot whatever you need, whether that’s on location at your store or in my own studio. Whichever way you prefer, the result is a set of high-resolution images which are perfect for print, your website, or just for popping on social media.

Testimonials Section

Don’t just take my word for it!

As a reviewer for mountain bike gear, I need professional photos of the products to make my reviews stand out. I can’t recommend Lewis enough. Fantastic photography but with an excellent manner and people skills to make even me feel relaxed.

Ryan OLDfield

TotalMTB Founder

Lewis is an incredibly professional photographer who manages to make every trip count. He is fantastically easy to work with on projects and will work with you to get the perfect shot. His work is versatile to suit whatever occasion you require. I couldn’t recommend a photographer more.

George hoey

Content Creator

Lew is a true artist behind the lens; capturing products in a stunning manner with backgrounds that feel natural.  The level of care and preparation to get the right shot is noticeable throughout each image.  We’re grateful and excited to show off his work across multiple platforms.

Tomas Petricko

GÜP Business Development Team

Various Projects

NOT JUSt Mountain Bikes

Much of my work centres around mountain bikes, but it’s not all I shoot.

Whatever the adventure, I can capture the way it looks and feels so those memories live eternally. From road cycling to rock climbing. Mountain hiking and van life, leave it in my hands.


Companies I’ve worked with recently tend to share my imagery or benefit from my social media exposure. I don’t always shout about working with these incredible brands; instead, I let my work speak for itself.


Races, competitions, and meetups. I’ll capture the feeling of the day.


Sharing how adventure fits into our lives is what I do best.


High-quality shots for print, web, or social. Right for everything.