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The Chippy Ride

‘Adventure’. The word conjures visions of mountains, epic vistas, and arduous travel. But not to me. To me, adventure is a feeling. It’s that sense of escaping and coming across something unexpected. It doesn’t have to be physically gruelling, or unimaginably beautiful. It just has to be an escape and a discovery. With this mindset shift, the scope for adventure opens up and finds me… Read More »The Chippy Ride

Six Awesome Places To Visit in west Scotland

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Scotland is undeniably beautiful. It’s got something for everyone – rugged countryside, beautiful beaches, towering peaks. Scotland simply has to be on your bucket list. If you’re on the west side, north of Glasgow, you’ll no doubt already know of Loch Lomond and other such places. This list is, hopefully, going to help you plan some more stops around some of the lesser-known places. If… Read More »Six Awesome Places To Visit in west Scotland

8 Amazing things to do Near Alnwick, northumberland

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Northumberland is a place truly steeped in incredible history. There are so many amazing things to see and you really could spend weeks before even scratching the surface. The North-East of Northumberland arguably offers some of the very best things to see. In this one, I’ve put a mix of paid and free things to keep you busy during your visit. Lindisfarne – Holy Island… Read More »8 Amazing things to do Near Alnwick, northumberland

Walking Near Penrith: Lacy’s Caves, Long Meg & Her Daughters

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Stone circles don’t come much better than Long Meg and her Daughters and, aside from Stonehenge, they don’t come any bigger in England. Throw in a folly known as Lacy’s Caves and this walk has a bit of everything without being too taxing at only 5.1 miles (8.2km). Start at Long Meg’s car park. As a Yorkshireman, I’m pleased to be able to say it’s… Read More »Walking Near Penrith: Lacy’s Caves, Long Meg & Her Daughters

Bikepacking from edinburgh to york

I needed a challenge. Something adventurous to do that would provide some physical difficulty and let me see new things. A friend – Scott – and I decided that we’d give Scotland a go. Our limited time meant that 8 days were up for grabs so Edinburgh to York seemed sensible. We thought it’d be somewhere between 5 and 7 in total, with a little… Read More »Bikepacking from edinburgh to york

Ticket To The Moon Hammock Review

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Hammock camping looks great, let’s not deny it. There’s no cooler picture than one with a hammock and bike resting on the same tree, a wild view of woodland reaching out into the distance. In the hammock lays a tired soul, but tired with contentedness having found the perfect spot to hang their bed for the night. Hammocks look great but everything I’d heard about… Read More »Ticket To The Moon Hammock Review

Bike Ranch Snowdonia

Bike Ranch Snowdonia is ideally situated for a proper adventure on mountain bikes. Sure, road cycling and walking are good in the area too, but if you’re heading to the Ranch it’s probably because you’re looking to ride bikes on arguably some of the best trails Wales has to offer. With Coed-y-Brenin literally minutes down the road by bike, it couldn’t be more perfect for… Read More »Bike Ranch Snowdonia

Using products to practice

I’m definitely trying to live more outdoors but there’s inevitably time when I can’t get outside. I’m often guilty of collecting plenty of photographs and videos and spacing them out over the following days and weeks. The insatiable beast that is social media demands regular and consistent content in order for your account to be seen by others. And, if the dream of living a… Read More »Using products to practice

Living a life more adventurously

I recently tweeted what I thought was an innocent enough question, simply because I was curious. I wondered if it’s just me who really likes to take my time on some rides. I reckon that making coffee on a camping stove is one of life’s joys. Something about it being an almost tedious process without distraction makes it enjoyable. Popping to a cafe is great,… Read More »Living a life more adventurously

NEC Cycle Show 2022

I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go. Weighing up the idea of looking at bikes and gear versus being out on the bike was something I’d spent time on. After all, my time is limited alongside working full time. Is it worth it? Should I just cancel? In the end, I went. I’d spent the money on parking already so it seemed to make… Read More »NEC Cycle Show 2022