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National Cycling Show 2024

The annual National Cycling Show was back in Birmingham at the end of June and, after a year off, I figured it was time to go and see how much it had changed. I’d written previously about my disappointment in the size of the event and it was really the lack of exhibitors in 2022 which meant I dodged the show in 2023. But that… Read More »National Cycling Show 2024

Bespoked: A Dive Into The Artisan

Apologies for the pun in the title. I couldn’t help myself, especially as the UK leg of the Bespoked bike show was held in Victoria Baths, Manchester over this weekend. I was lucky enough to get hold of a couple of tickets through my writing with Bike Gear Database and I’ve put together a full article accompanied by my photography over on their website. You… Read More »Bespoked: A Dive Into The Artisan

A Bit Of Luxury

I love listening to the birds. I love watching the sunrise. I love walking barefoot through grassy fields. I love the outdoors. So, it’s no surprise that I also love camping. Whether that’s out on the bike carrying the Alpkit Soloist, or pitching the Vango Banshee 300 after driving to a campsite, I just love being out in a tent. Something I’ve never really done… Read More »A Bit Of Luxury


I’ve made no secret of shooting film recently. It’s become somewhat of an obsession if truth be told. There’s something about the nostalgia that a slightly grainy, imperfect image with a few light leaks gives. It’s the same feeling as getting your holiday snaps back from the chemist but with the added bonus of giving a fresh aspect to photography that I haven’t experienced before.… Read More »Nostalgia

Bikepacking Robin Hood Country

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I was sent the link in the evening after work and I glanced at the route quickly. 137 miles with almost two-thirds off-road. It sounded like a dream. I was in. Ashley had been out riding his gravel bike and had sent messages about getting out on a ride together. We’d been chatting a while but never actually caught up with each other in person… Read More »Bikepacking Robin Hood Country

What is pedal slip in 2024?

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Pedal Slip started as a personal space to share thoughts about biking, evolving into a platform for reviews and creativity. Despite setbacks, it grew, and the author transitioned from teaching to freelance photography and video work. The future holds plans for brand expansion and continued genuine sharing. It’s a passion project at heart.

The Chippy Ride

‘Adventure’. The word conjures visions of mountains, epic vistas, and arduous travel. But not to me. To me, adventure is a feeling. It’s that sense of escaping and coming across something unexpected. It doesn’t have to be physically gruelling, or unimaginably beautiful. It just has to be an escape and a discovery. With this mindset shift, the scope for adventure opens up and finds me… Read More »The Chippy Ride

Six Awesome Places To Visit in west Scotland

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Scotland is undeniably beautiful. It’s got something for everyone – rugged countryside, beautiful beaches, towering peaks. Scotland simply has to be on your bucket list. If you’re on the west side, north of Glasgow, you’ll no doubt already know of Loch Lomond and other such places. This list is, hopefully, going to help you plan some more stops around some of the lesser-known places. If… Read More »Six Awesome Places To Visit in west Scotland

8 Amazing things to do Near Alnwick, northumberland

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Northumberland is a place truly steeped in incredible history. There are so many amazing things to see and you really could spend weeks before even scratching the surface. The North-East of Northumberland arguably offers some of the very best things to see. In this one, I’ve put a mix of paid and free things to keep you busy during your visit. Lindisfarne – Holy Island… Read More »8 Amazing things to do Near Alnwick, northumberland

Walking Near Penrith: Lacy’s Caves, Long Meg & Her Daughters

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Stone circles don’t come much better than Long Meg and her Daughters and, aside from Stonehenge, they don’t come any bigger in England. Throw in a folly known as Lacy’s Caves and this walk has a bit of everything without being too taxing at only 5.1 miles (8.2km). Start at Long Meg’s car park. As a Yorkshireman, I’m pleased to be able to say it’s… Read More »Walking Near Penrith: Lacy’s Caves, Long Meg & Her Daughters