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Just a regular guy riding bikes and taking photographs.
I write reviews and share my thoughts.
Exploring the local area on a gravel bike is loads of fun. But why did I choose a budget, bottom of the run gravel bike and not something fancier? CALIBRE LOST LAD I'm a one man band and I like it that way; I get to say what I think. For reviews, that's important. Purchases from my store help support this site. SUPPORT MY BLOG Sketching helmets is loads of fun. Doing it for charity to help kids get on bikes is even better. This is how I got involved with a project in Wales. CUSTOM HELMET
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    I'm not paid to review anything. Sometimes, I even pay for the items I'm reviewing. The words I write about products are honest, uncensored and true to my own experiences. By refusing to take payment to review items, you can be sure that my own opinions haven't been bought. There's enough marketing bumph out there as it is.