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That’s not quite how it works.

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Wow! Your Instagram looks awesome and you’ve got more than 10k followers! You must be a pro. That wasn’t quite how the message read in my DMs but it also wasn’t far off. I’ve paraphrased. It’s poetic license. Uhm, no. That’s not quite how it works on Instagram. Or, if it is, that’s not how it’s working for me. It’s not how I’d want it… Read More »That’s not quite how it works.

Raw Silence Chain Guard Kit

When Raw Silence, a brand new start up, reached out to me and asked me to take a look at their Chain Guard Kit a mate of mine had just picked up his very first mountain bike. Alas, it didn’t come with chainstay protection so this seemed like the ideal chance to stick it to his bike and have him ride about to test the… Read More »Raw Silence Chain Guard Kit

Why I Don’t Ride ‘The Local’

Riding bikes is fun. For the most part, riding at trail centres with mates is more than enough for me. I’m not a professional, nor am I trying to be. I just like riding my bike, taking photos and writing about it. For me, that’s all part of the fun. I don’t need crazy trails with huge gaps to have a laugh and, quite frankly,… Read More »Why I Don’t Ride ‘The Local’

Go Pro Hero Max

I’ve had a camera to capture riding since more or less the time I started riding. In 2015, I had a Poloroid Cube – a sort of earlier competition to the GoPro Hero Session – which was pretty dreadful. After that, I bought some GoPro Hero 4 cameras. They were better and, because of the sound quality, they stuck around until I bought a Hero… Read More »Go Pro Hero Max

Burgtec Penthouse MK5

Long term readers of this little corner of the internet will recall that I’ve written several times about the DMR Vault flat pedals. They’ve been a long time favourite of mine and I’ve ridden them for what seems like forever. They’ve been really solid and even survived what I still think was my most dramatic crash. The left one was torn from the thread of… Read More »Burgtec Penthouse MK5

Removing Invisiframe

My bike is my dream bike. Dreams change, of course, but at the time my Bronson was the bike that I most wanted and I knew it was likely to be the most I’d ever spend on a bike. It was going to be the one I always remembered when I inevitably upgrade. That one which has a special place for connecting you with so… Read More »Removing Invisiframe

Why I Bought A Calibre Lost Lad

This isn’t my normal bike. It’s not what I normally ride on, at least not until this point. I’ve always written about, photographed and talked about mountain biking. It’s a passion more than anything else and has been such a benefit to my own wellbeing – both physically and mentally – as well as the most fun hobby I’ve ever had. And that’s what I… Read More »Why I Bought A Calibre Lost Lad

How To Find MTB Trails Near Me

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Lockdown has meant that most of us aren’t riding our usual trails. There are some lucky folk who live near trails which are still open but most of us simply don’t have them. Does that mean we’ve got to stop riding our bikes? I don’t think so. Scotland has the advantage here with their right to roam. Within reason, just about anything that looks good… Read More »How To Find MTB Trails Near Me

Have I sold out too?

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Since 2015, when I first started posting and writing about riding my bike, a lot has changed. I first started my Instagram account, website and twitter as a chronicle of memories; a way of looking back and enjoying good times all over again. Even though I’ve had several other ideas along the way, the idea of recording what I’ve been up to, well, that hasn’t… Read More »Have I sold out too?

Why Go Tubeless?

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Most of the people I know are running a tubeless setup on their mountain bikes. I’m running tubeless tyres on my bike. It’s something I’d recommend to anyone who’s not yet made the swap and it’s super easy to do. Tubeless, simply put, refers to the lack of inner tubes in tyres. Instead, the inner tube is replaced with sealant which stays liquid inside the… Read More »Why Go Tubeless?