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Living a life more adventurously

I recently tweeted what I thought was an innocent enough question, simply because I was curious. I wondered if it’s just me who really likes to take my time on some rides. I reckon that making coffee on a camping stove is one of life’s joys. Something about it being an almost tedious process without distraction makes it enjoyable. Popping to a cafe is great, but making your own – and outdoors too – just somehow makes it taste better. Or feel better. I’m not really sure why but it’s brilliant.

The tweet got plenty of attention, at least as far as my tweets go. I was reassured to see how many people agree with me, but also interested to see that so many people enjoy cycling and coffee but had never put the two together. At least, they’ve never considered making their own coffee on a ride. Even better was the thought that some people said they have to try it now.

Perhaps most interesting of all was the thought that other people are also actively trying to make their life more adventurous… more outdoors. It’s something I’m really working on; I’m keen to eventually generate an income from doing outdoor things that I love. Photography and videography come into that, of course they do, but also sharing some ideas and tips might be part of that too. Popping ads on this blog is just a first step. Over time, I’d like to think that the things I write about here (about being more adventurous) bring in enough traffic to cover expenses and give me some spending money.

Over the next few months, I’ve got lots of adventure planned. Small things mostly, but adventure all the same. The best kind, in my opinion: the kind of stuff anyone can get involved in. I hope this blog continues to provide some inspiration for others to go out and have their own adventures. At the very least, it’ll provide a bank of memories for me to revisit over the years and read over again and again.

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