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New Direction

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Somewhere between December 2015 and today, I managed to take Pedal Slip from an idea about sharing MTB experiences with others; through to a social media platform for MTB discussions; an independent MTB brand; and even dabbled in a little film making.

It’s actually come full circle. I’ve now made the decision to move back to sharing experiences and connecting with other riders. That was the plan all along. I’ll still have the remaining stock of jerseys for sale (and if demand is high enough may keep producing them), but I want to tell stories. I want to share my rides. I want to find out what others are riding and then ride it myself. My intention was never to become a brand, and it’s something I’ve always worked hard to avoid. Behind the Pedal Slip logo, I want people to know there’s a face of just another guy who likes his bike.

I’ll also keep our weekly Twitter discussions going. #MTBTalk has been pivotal in connecting with others, and has been a whole heap of fun. It’s been difficult to manage at some points over the year but the reward has always outweighed the costs. I hope to use it even more to bring together MTB riders from across the world, and use its popularity to help organise group meets (like the one at Brenin on the 19th Feb).

Moving away from branding will give me time to share things with you. This year, I’ve started a training regime which I hope will have an impact on my riding. I’m also part of a film making project called To The Trail, which I’m super excited about. And I’ve made a promise to see more of the UK scene. I’ll be able to blog about all of this here.

Things are changing and 2017 is going to be fun. I look forward to having you along for the ride.

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