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Return of the Goat.

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YT seems to have a different marketing division than most companies. Take last year’s Jeffsy campaign for instance. For what seemed like ages my Facebook and Twitter timelines were filled with questions and messages about whatever Jeffsy was. In fact, some people even seemed to hate it (that was their tagline). This year it’s the goat.

I’d cottoned on to the idea this time round, as I’m sure most of you did too. The return of the goat could only mean the Capra. After all, it’s named after a mountain goat. Although I don’t own a YT, I am a fan of their brand. It seems like it’s more about the bikes and the riding than it is about tech and specs. Again, it’s probably what they’re aiming for and like a sucker, I’m buying in.

The final video release wasn’t what I was expecting though. I mean, it’s 11 minutes of almost apparently unlinked happenings in desert-looking towns before (spoiler alert) a goat-man breaks the characters old bikes. In the final scene, it seems that the half-man, half-goat thing has then given out new Capras to replace any other brands. Weird.

The thing that YT seems to be able to do above other brands, in my eyes, is create something unusual that gets people talking. I mean, I’ve written this blog article about the new release. Sure, it’s not filled with specs and tech information, but it’s spreading the YT message all the same. YT really does have the viral thing going on.

However, I’m not sure what we’re supposed to have gained from watching the video. The 2018 Capra gets a relatively short feature in the grand scheme of things and, aside from a quick glance really doesn’t feature. The colour ways look nice but otherwise I don’t know much about the bike from this film alone. It looks to me like a similar stock to the last set, which really isn’t a bad thing – Capras are well known for their incredible descending capabilities mixed with high spec for the cost. What will be interesting to do is take some time to look over the changes between the 2017 and 2018 models and compare what’s changed.

I also wonder if we’ll see more of the goat-man. Maybe he’ll be riding the EWS this year?

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