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I thought about inviting a mate round before realising that we’re not supposed to

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Unusual times means that there’s all sorts of things going on in the world which aren’t normal. Not being able to have mates round is strange. Minimal contact altogether is weird. So, sat here in my office, alone, I figured I’d try to make the best of a bad situation. Don’t worry though: this isn’t another COVID19 discussion post. In fact, I barely mention it again.

Earlier today Twitter seemed to be up for chatting about MTB films with me. I was asking to find out some new ones which I’d not seen before. There were all sorts of suggestions and some I’d not heard of before. What seemed to stand out to me is that the free ride films from the early 2000s seemed to get the most love. People appreciate the kind of skill it took to do crazy things on technology from times further than ten years back. This chat prompted me to write a newsletter with some of my personal favourites being recommended which will be sent at the start of April.

A little later on in the day, I got to thinking about watching some mountain biking films. I thought about inviting a mate round to watch them with me before realising that we’re not supposed to do that now. Then I started thinking about how I could get it to feel like mates were actually round watching with me. In the end, the best idea I could think of was starting the same film together and all watching at the same time, tweeting as we go. It’s sort of like having mates round except they’re not. Well, because of COVID19, y’know?

The idea is that, each week, we’ll select a suitable time and film. It’ll be loaded and then you press play together with your mates at roughly the same time. Whilst the film is on, we can all tweet together using a hashtag to make the conversation easy to find. It’s sort of like sharing the film together and even having a chat. Except it’s not the same as being together so there’s no risk! Hurray!

I’ll be posting later in the week with a poll to see what time people want to do it and which film they want to watch. When that’s all sorted it’ll just be a chilled out evening watching a good old MTB film with mates… sort of. I might even order takeaway to make it feel totally authentic.

Fancy joining in the fun? Go follow my Twitter account.

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