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Terrain Clothing Jersey

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When you order a jersey, it’s normally all about the design. Right? It is for me. At least, mostly. I like to buy something that I like the look of. I might have a peek at the fabric too, just to make sure it’s not 100% cotton and going to make me freeze if I sweat too much. But otherwise, it’s mostly about the way it looks.

Every now and then I’ve had jerseys arrive that I really like the fit of. I’ve been surprised by how well certain brands fit over others. I like the fit of Royal jerseys but I’ve been disappointed with Fox, for example. The thing is, I don’t really take into account the fit when ordering. Sure, I look at the size guide and make sure I order the most appropriate size, but I don’t actively consider the chest size, shoulder circumference, waist measurement or any of that other stuff.

The result is often a jersey that doesn’t fit quite as nicely as some of the others. It’s why I end up going back to the same brands again and again. And then the inevitable new season’s gear is released, the size changes, and I hunt for something that fits better again. It’s just the way things are.

Or were.

Terrain Clothing don’t do it like that. In fact, they don’t have anything that’s ‘off the shelf’. Earlier in the year, they reached out to me to tell me about their jerseys. They’re not custom design, they’re custom everything.

When you’re ordering you put in every single measurement to get a jersey to your door which is guaranteed to fit (so long as you measured correctly). There’s a bit for your neck circumference, chest size, tensed bicep size, arm length and a whole load more measurements. Tedious? Not massively. And well worth it to get a jersey that is absolutely made to fit you.

And, as for designs you like, Terrain Clothing have kept things super simple. You choose the neck style (round or v), the colours and, once you’ve input your measurements, that’s it. Done. Jersey to you.

At first, I was a little sceptical. Before it arrived, I was sure the fabric quality would be sub-par. How else would they be able to make a custom coloured, custom fit jersey and post it to me all for £50? I mean, run of the mill Troy Lee’s stuff goes for almost £40 and it’s not a jersey designed to fit – it’s the same medium for me as it is for my mates. And my arms are longer. And my neck is smaller. So a standard fit Endura jersey looks like something that’s been shrunk in the wash… except for the neck which looks too big. And it’s not that much of a price difference! However, Terrain Clothing’s fabric is up to scratch. It’s hard to tell it apart from the other jerseys I own. When they’re all folded in the wardrobe, I can’t actually tell which grey one is which without having a look.

But when it’s on, my arms are covered. The sleeves don’t raise to halfway up my forearms when I sit on the bike. My back is covered and I don’t have that annoying air gap. The neck fits. The shoulders fit. It’s as if the jersey was made for me… and it was. Especially for the price, I can’t moan at all.

It’s, hands down, the best fitting jersey I’ve ever owned.

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