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Using products to practice

I’m definitely trying to live more outdoors but there’s inevitably time when I can’t get outside. I’m often guilty of collecting plenty of photographs and videos and spacing them out over the following days and weeks. The insatiable beast that is social media demands regular and consistent content in order for your account to be seen by others. And, if the dream of living a… Read More »Using products to practice

Videography | There’s More Than Meets The Eye

Since 2015, when ‘Pedal Slip’ began, I’ve dedicated huge chunks of time to mountain biking and connecting with others in the MTB community. It’s been a massive part of my life and it’s incredible to think that a two-wheeled off-road vehicle has meant that I’ve managed to meet and hang out with some of the best people I now know. I’m incredibly thankful that I… Read More »Videography | There’s More Than Meets The Eye