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Stif Squatch | New Bike Day

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There’s nothing quite like New Bike Day. Opening the box to take a proper look at the bike I’ve ordered is always interesting and exciting. The anticipation of sitting on it and checking the size, tweaking the angles of the brake levers, sorting the bars… it’s always good fun. And then there’s riding it. I love taking a new bike onto the trails for the… Read More »Stif Squatch | New Bike Day

Fix MTB Tools

Having the right kit at the right time is really important. Amongst the stuff that I reckon you should always have is a multi-tool. It’s one of those things that I find I’m using most regularly. A slightly wonky bar after a crash, a slipped brake lever after a crash, a loose grip after a crash. You get the idea. The thing is, it’s also… Read More »Fix MTB Tools

That’s not quite how it works.

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Wow! Your Instagram looks awesome and you’ve got more than 10k followers! You must be a pro. That wasn’t quite how the message read in my DMs but it also wasn’t far off. I’ve paraphrased. It’s poetic license. Uhm, no. That’s not quite how it works on Instagram. Or, if it is, that’s not how it’s working for me. It’s not how I’d want it… Read More »That’s not quite how it works.

I already feel a proper part of TotalMTB

Working with TotalMTB has been an interesting recent development. For a few years now I’ve been growing a bit of an online presence. Nothing massive, no money spent and with no real ambition. It’s been a laugh though and I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences and photos with other mountain bikers. That’s what it’s all been about really – growing a bit of a community and… Read More »I already feel a proper part of TotalMTB