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dalby forest

A Slow Pace Ride

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Slowing down and appreciating being outdoors is more and more part of my riding. There’s a time and a place for throwing on the full face, knee pads, and grabbing the bars. And I still love to test my nerve on technical descents, but more and more I like to just get out to experience the world. To slow down. This week has been a… Read More »A Slow Pace Ride

Getting used to it.

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It had been a long time off the mountain bike. Prior to the ride recently, I think it was in December that I last managed to ride any trails on my trail bike. To put it plainly, there simply are no local mountain biking trails which were accessible during the last UK lockdown. Or at least none I could get to with the shorter daylight… Read More »Getting used to it.

Dalby Forest

Dalby consistently comes up in articles online naming it as one of the best trail centres in the country and just so happens to be the trail centre I ride most regularly. Just the other day MBR shared their ‘Best new places to ride in 2017‘ article to let folk see how many they’d ticked off this year. It has 11 places which were either… Read More »Dalby Forest

Sharing The Love

In case you haven’t realised by now, I like bikes. I really like bikes. Most weeks I spend any spare time I can reading about bikes, watching videos about bikes, talking about bikes with friends, sharing bike things on the internet… you get the idea. So, when my other half asked if she could come out with me on the bike I couldn’t help but… Read More »Sharing The Love