August 2019

I know… that sounds arty

For a while now, I’ve been interested in photography. It’s been a bit of a passion which has led me to merge both bikes and cameras together. The vast majority of the imagery around this website was created by me. When I’m in a picture, it’s usually one that’s been taken by George on my camera once I’ve set it up; we ride together fairly… Read More »I know… that sounds arty

I guess that’s why they call it Hardline

The second day with Red Bull and the Athertons didn’t disappoint. The first was great so I had big expectations for the second. We got up ready for breakfast and then headed out to meet Gee and walk the Hardline course. It was baking hot – back home the temperatures hit the low forties but in South Wales they were high thirties. I’ve seen Hardline… Read More »I guess that’s why they call it Hardline