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Packless Mountain Biking | 2020 Kit List

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If you’re regular reader of this blog, you will know that I love nothing more than jumping on the bike without a rucksack. Recently, I’ve been carrying a massive rucksack full of camera stuff, but there’s nothing more freeing than just getting out to ride from time to time. Now that’s not to say that I don’t go underprepared when I leave the bag at home.… Read More »Packless Mountain Biking | 2020 Kit List

Louri Strap | A Packless Solution

Packless riding is something I’ve been trying to master now for the last two years – the thought of having to ride with a pack has never particularly pleased me. I don’t like the way bags sit on my shoulders or slide around as I ride. As packless riding gathers popularity, and ‘Enduro style’ takes over, there’s more and more on the market which is… Read More »Louri Strap | A Packless Solution