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Red Bull Hardline 2021

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a whole bunch of photos from Red Bull Hardline. This year’s event was closed to spectators but still open to riders and media. Thankfully, I managed to get into the event on that based on this very blog. Who knew that a little slice of internet dedicated to bikes would be suitable enough for a… Read More »Red Bull Hardline 2021

One of my favourite disciplines of photography

Product photography is one of my favourite disciplines of photography. Especially so when it’s done right. It’s taken me a while to get anywhere near happy with the quality of my shots but, slowly and surely, I’m starting to feel happier and happier with them (although they’re still a long way from being perfect). So, since I’ve learnt some things about product photography, I thought… Read More »One of my favourite disciplines of photography