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Free Bikes 4 Kids Helmet

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Getting the opportunity to doodle on people’s cycling helmets has been great. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had an array of messages on social media for people offering up their helmets for me to test a few things and get properly used to sketching on different sizes and shapes. The first few, I offered for free so that I could get some practice and… Read More »Free Bikes 4 Kids Helmet

An exploration in bikes through living for the moment

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Anthill have made some exceptional mountain biking films over the years. I’m a sucker for a well-played out story and some excellent cinematics to help it come to life. Of Anthill films, I think the fun and enjoyment of Not Bad perhaps makes it my favourite. Maybe. Interestingly, Anthill are sharing their latest film, Return to Earth, on Echoboom Sports at the minute. It’s an… Read More »An exploration in bikes through living for the moment