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Rinse Down

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I was once told that cleaning your bike is the best way of maintaining it. I mean, it makes sense really: a sparkly bike means less grit wearing everything down. Especially in your drivetrain which can be a really expensive area to replace altogether. It only makes sense to keep it clean. When I first got a bike, I used to use a bucket of… Read More »Rinse Down

The 2017 Ride List (Part 1)

2017 was always going to be the year I hit it. After getting into the sport properly in 2015, I spent 2016 on the Camber getting confident and quicker. By the time 2017 rolled round I’d purchased my dream bike (the Bronson) and drew up a list of all the places I wanted to visit imminently. I based the list on things I’d read, and… Read More »The 2017 Ride List (Part 1)

Brenin Meetup

Coed Y Brenin, the spiritual heart of trail centre riding in the UK. The first public trail centre in the land and home to some great trails. It had been somewhere I’d wanted to visit for a little while, but seeing the BIKE channel visit as part of their Mountain Bike Adventures series made me want to go even more. So when Si, Dec and… Read More »Brenin Meetup

2017: A Better Biker

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In September I bought a house. I say ‘I’ loosely – the other half also put in, though she doesn’t use the garage. That’s my part of the house. It’s something that was a non-negotiable for us when we were looking around for a house. When we lived in the rented house before we moved here, I used to have to keep my bike under… Read More »2017: A Better Biker

Just Like Old Times

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My fondest memories as a kid mostly include sports. Not football, or tennis (though I wasn’t bad at the latter), but ‘extreme’ sports. Rock climbing at Hull’s indoor climbing walls on a Saturday night. BMX riding around the local town with mates. Bodyboarding on the most windy day in Lanzarote. Skating down the seafront on holiday one year – although I can’t specifically remember where… Read More »Just Like Old Times

DMR Vaults

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Around Christmas time, I bought a Santa Cruz Bronson. It’s my dream bike and was something I was set on. I weighed up other options, including the amazing bikes from Airdrop, Bird and Orange. I almost went for a British brand just out of principle, but something kept me returning to the Santa Cruz website and drooling over a Bronson. So that’s what I bought.… Read More »DMR Vaults

Rainy Days

I love getting out on my bike. When the weekend finally rolls round I’m always excited to go for a ride. What’s not so good is the fact that there’s no big trails kicking about locally. Sure, there’s the old quarry down the road that’s got a little wooded section – that’s good for a laugh – and there’s the bridleways and old railway lines.… Read More »Rainy Days