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DMR Vaults

I’ve reviewed the DMR Vaults before, as have many others. However, recent events have warranted an updated review and so here it is. They’re incredible. I’ve been using the DMR vaults since December 2017 now and in that time they’ve become an irreplaceable component on my bike. The platform is excellent, the pins provide fantastic grip (even without the Terror Pins which I’ve now installed),… Read More »DMR Vaults

DMR Vaults

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Around Christmas time, I bought a Santa Cruz Bronson. It’s my dream bike and was something I was set on. I weighed up other options, including the amazing bikes from Airdrop, Bird and Orange. I almost went for a British brand just out of principle, but something kept me returning to the Santa Cruz website and drooling over a Bronson. So that’s what I bought.… Read More »DMR Vaults