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Using products to practice

I’m definitely trying to live more outdoors but there’s inevitably time when I can’t get outside. I’m often guilty of collecting plenty of photographs and videos and spacing them out over the following days and weeks. The insatiable beast that is social media demands regular and consistent content in order for your account to be seen by others. And, if the dream of living a… Read More »Using products to practice

Red Bull Hardline 2021

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a whole bunch of photos from Red Bull Hardline. This year’s event was closed to spectators but still open to riders and media. Thankfully, I managed to get into the event on that based on this very blog. Who knew that a little slice of internet dedicated to bikes would be suitable enough for a… Read More »Red Bull Hardline 2021

That’s not quite how it works.

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Wow! Your Instagram looks awesome and you’ve got more than 10k followers! You must be a pro. That wasn’t quite how the message read in my DMs but it also wasn’t far off. I’ve paraphrased. It’s poetic license. Uhm, no. That’s not quite how it works on Instagram. Or, if it is, that’s not how it’s working for me. It’s not how I’d want it… Read More »That’s not quite how it works.

Bikes Don’t Sit Still Long Enough

Back-lit photography can be extraordinary but can also be very challenging. For a while now, I’ve really struggled when subjects are directly lit from behind. It poses the problem that the detail can be lost in the front of the subject. When it comes to bikes, that can mean that the rider’s face can’t be seen in the shot. The seemingly simple answer would be… Read More »Bikes Don’t Sit Still Long Enough

It does mean carrying a ridiculous full-size rucksack about

I love photography. Aside from mountain biking, I’d say it’s my favourite hobby and it probably ties on the top spot. I love creating feelings through images – capturing the way something looks is one thing but bringing the image home and tweaking it to make it feel the same as it did when I took it; that’s the draw of it all. Inevitably, this… Read More »It does mean carrying a ridiculous full-size rucksack about

It won’t surprise you to hear that she thought it was incredible

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Red Bull Hardline is one of the most insane courses out there. If you read the piece I wrote about walking it, hopefully it gave you an impression of just how steep and technical the track is. Actually being able to walk down it with Gee Atherton was an incredible opportunity but a few weeks ago I was also lucky enough to be invited back.… Read More »It won’t surprise you to hear that she thought it was incredible

I know… that sounds arty

For a while now, I’ve been interested in photography. It’s been a bit of a passion which has led me to merge both bikes and cameras together. The vast majority of the imagery around this website was created by me. When I’m in a picture, it’s usually one that’s been taken by George on my camera once I’ve set it up; we ride together fairly… Read More »I know… that sounds arty