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Cycling Show

National Cycling Show 2024

The annual National Cycling Show was back in Birmingham at the end of June and, after a year off, I figured it was time to go and see how much it had changed. I’d written previously about my disappointment in the size of the event and it was really the lack of exhibitors in 2022 which meant I dodged the show in 2023. But that… Read More »National Cycling Show 2024

NEC Cycle Show 2022

I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go. Weighing up the idea of looking at bikes and gear versus being out on the bike was something I’d spent time on. After all, my time is limited alongside working full time. Is it worth it? Should I just cancel? In the end, I went. I’d spent the money on parking already so it seemed to make… Read More »NEC Cycle Show 2022