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Royal Racing Matrix Jacket

A good waterproof jacket is something I’ve searched for and now I’ve finally found one. Royal Racing’s Matrix jacket is excellent. After trying some cheaper coats, I finally forked out and bought the real deal. And I’m glad I did.

For rainy days and winter weather, I wanted something that would truly keep me warm and dry, even on those days where we get proper downpours. I’ve had other coats that have claimed to be waterproof and seemingly done a good job… until things have got biblical. Then they’ve failed. The Matrix has been the only coat I’ve ever had that has actually kept me dry in any condition. I’ve ridden in drizzle, snow, and proper British rain using the Matrix. And it simply works.

The cut of the coat is excellent. The rear drops nice and low to cover your lower back and stop that dreaded feeling of the rain sneaking in to the layers underneath. The coat zips up high enough to cover your neck and help trap the heat on colder days. The sleeves are long enough to cover your wrists and there’s a hood! Oh boy, there’s a hood! Not a little thing that slips off your head, or one you can’t fit over your helmet. I’m talking about a full hood – big enough to fit over your helmet and with an added peak to keep the rain out of your eyes.

Two enormous pockets on the front of the coat provide ample storage for Haribos and spares, as well as doubling up as ventilation on the warmer days. Inside the jacket, there’s an internal pocket for a phone or music device if that’s your thing.

With mesh lining, the jacket doesn’t ever feel wet, even when it’s soaking out. And I suppose the mesh is designed to help keep you cool. However, it doesn’t always do the job. When it’s raining but warm, the Matrix can turn into a bit of a sauna. Sure, you’ll be safe from the rain but when it’s warm out but it’s hot enough to be sweating inside the coat. On warmer days, I’ll usually choose to get a little rained on rather than overheat with the coat on… but then I’ve not found a coat yet that this isn’t an issue.

The Matrix is properly hard wearing. The material certainly isn’t delicate and it’s proven tough enough to take some impacts on the floor without ripping. It gets worn, abused, and then thrown in my bag ready for the next time I need it. Royal have created something that is truly hard wearing and, for the pice it costs, it’s nice to know that I’ll be using this jacket for years to come.

Everything considered, the Matrix is my favourite of all the coats I’ve tried out. It’s an essential piece of my riding gear and permanently lives in my gear bag for whenever I may need it.


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