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Riding bikes and taking pictures is what i do

Since 2015, but especially in the last few years, Pedal Slip has grown. I don’t mean me – I mean the ‘brand’ that is Pedal Slip. Somehow, this little thing I’ve created to share my own rides and inspire others has started to get its own legs and be noticed. It’s incredible for me to see that happening. It’s taken me to incredible places, helped me work with awesome brands, and allowed me to meet simply brilliant people. But it’s not my only work.

A week ago, I was chatting with someone I’ll be shooting for within the coming weeks. They’re launching something which will suit cyclists down to the ground and I’m fortunate enough to get the chance to go and capture it before its official launch. We were getting to know a little about one another over the phone and what I did for work came up in conversation. I’m always open about what I do as a day job but it often comes as a surprise to people who know me for my photos and website.

This isn’t my full-time job. At least, not yet. Maybe one day. Right now, I work in education. Full time. I shoot stuff on the weekends and evenings. I write these blogs at half past 6 on a weekend morning before my other half is awake (at least, that’s when I started this one). I edit my shots in the evenings after work. I live and breathe this stuff but I also work full time, teaching.

I guess this is a surprise to some people because it’s not something I regularly post about, or even talk about. Doing what I do is a massive part of my life – and it takes up plenty of time – but cycling is what I want to share. It’s my escape from daily life. It’s my way of adventuring and seeing new places. It’s my chance to have infinite creativity in my shots by pedaling my way to different landscapes. And photography is a huge part of that for me. It just doesn’t pay all of my bills is all; my day job does that.

Who knows, maybe some time in the future Pedal Slip will support my little family enough to call it my only job. Perhaps my photography will be in such demand that my calendar becomes booked with shoots permanently. Right now, that’s not how it looks but riding bikes and taking pictures is still what I do.

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