Small Sticker Pack


A mini sticker pack including some of my own sketches. The pack includes:

  • 1x “I’m Okay”
  • 1x Brap
  • 1x Transparent Pedal Slip Logo
  • 1x Pedal Slip Logo Stickers
  • 1x You Shall Not Crash

Full sizes and other details are below.

Only 7 left in stock

“I’m Okay”

Measuring 4cm high and 3.5cm wide, this little dude is the perfect size for the back of a helmet or across the top tube. A white background cut to the shape of the sketch means that this little fella’ pops no matter where you put him.


Slightly larger at 6cm wide and 5.5cm high, and again cut around the shape. With a white background, represent the stoke with a BRAAAAP!

You Shall Not Crash

5cm tall and 5.5cm wide, a little wizard to keep you from crashing*. Transparent background and contrasting outline to help him stand out wherever he’s placed.

*Not guaranteed to keep you from stacking it… obviously.

Transparent Pedal Slip Logo

At 4.5cm high and 3cm wide, the transparent nature of this logo, coupled with a white print, means that you can rep Pedal Slip wherever you are without being too over the top. Subtle.

Pedal Slip Logo

The original, OG sticker. These have been given out at rides and meets since 2015. A 3.5cm diameter circle with contour print and pedal slip logo


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