Lightroom Presets Pack 01


Five Adobe Lightroom presets developed specifically with the outdoors in-mind. Wanted to give your shots some of my favourite styles? Look no further – add a preset and tweak from there. All the look, less of the elbow work.

Five Lightroom presets designed with the outdoors in mind. Take a standard shot and transform it with ease.

Presets included: Smack In The Face – A high contrast, blue and orange.

Yellow And Green Smash – Crispy yellows and earthy tones.

Muddy Brown – A sepia improvement for any colour palette.

Dark And Blue – Exactly what it says on the tin. With added darks.

Violet Wash Out – A mellow, washed out vibe.


Please note: due to file size, download is available in two parts.


//5 Color Presets //.xmp // ZIP Archive // Compatible with both Mac and PC. // Works on RAW and JPEG images. //Fully adjustable

Lightroom presets are files which can be imported to Adobe Lightroom and give your photos a change of style.


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