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Instant Secret Santa


Who’s got time for shopping when you could be riding your bike? Grab a discounted bundle rate, plus a Christmas card, and be done with stocking fillers. Then go ride your bike.


Pack includes

1x No Limits Mudguard

1x Edition 2 Sticker Pack

1x Hand-drawn Christmas Card


Full details below.

In stock

Bundled together to save you money and time. Pack includes:


1x No Limits Mudguard

1x Edition 2 Sticker Pack

1x Christmas Pines Card


No Limits Mudguard

A reminder that there are no limits when you’re on the trail. This mudguard is the usual ‘enduro’ shape and fits to the bike with zip ties (included). Protection for your face and, perhaps more importantly, the seals around your forks.

Simple fitting under the fork crown using the supplied zip ties.


Edition 2 Sticker Pack

Who doesn’t love stickers? Edition 2 brings you more sketches immortalised as little bits of sticky love for your bike, car, van, notebook, phone, or wherever else you fancy.


  • 1x One Last Run
  • 1x Rider
  • 1x Just Ride
  • 1x Caffeinate To Activate
  • 1x Escape
  • 1x Pedal Slip Logo Sticker


Christmas Pines Card

A Christmas card like none from the shops. Trees are hand-drawn and unique on each and every 8×8 inch card. They’re then numbered on the back so you know you’ve got something unique. Merry Crimbo!


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