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A custom helmet design, hand sketched and clear lacquered.


No two people are the same, so why should our helmets look the same? Provide me with a list of some of your favourite things, send me your lid and let me doodle.

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Customised helmets are a way of showing off your own personality and style, making your look different to others.

The process of taking an ordinary helmet and turning it into your personalised lid involves a quick email discussion to get to know your interests and ideas. From there, it’s down to me to sketch on your helmet. This is usually a process involving a first draft using pencil, followed by an acrylic pen outline and detail. When the pen is dry, your helmet has its vents taped and gets a coat of lacquer to help the design last longer. Each step is as carefully done to avoid any damage to your helmet.

Sketching directly onto your helmet this way means there is no need to sand back and re-prime. It’s much quicker than re-painting because of this and helmets are usually returned within two weeks of being received (although, due to high demand and postage may take up to four weeks).

All helmets are sent back to you via tracked and signed for postage. I reuse the original packaging they are received in* but label them as fragile so your helmet has the best possible chance of being returned to you safely.



*so pad your helmet out well!

As this is a custom item, by purchasing you acknowledge that exact replicas of the helmets pictured are not possible. By purchasing you also acknowledge that you understand each helmet is hand-drawn and therefore I cannot be liable for mistakes and, whilst I’ll do my best to not let them happen, there may be imperfections within the design. This product is non-refundable and replacements are not provided on any order, unless the item is delivered broken (as per statutory law).

1 review for Custom Helmet

  1. Mark Murphy

    Over the moon doesnt come close!! Never mind a helmet this is a fantastic piece of art! Lewis managed to capture exactly what I was thinking, but never expected could actually materialise! Every element has significance and every element comes together to create one piece 👏

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