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For all those common questions asked, I've put together an FAQ page with a little more detail. Hopefully it saves us both time: you can get the answers you were after straight away and I don't need to retype the same ones again and again.

01 What camera do you shoot with?

I typically carry a Canon 77D. It's a crop frame, mid-level camera which isn't as expensive as some of the cameras I've currently got my eye on. The weight is a major positive as the body is pretty light. It's a flip LCD which is handy. Of course, the usual low-light difficulties are there that you'd expect from a crop-frame sensor. It's a decent little camera though. I usually couple it with a Sigma 24-70mm. It's a beast of a lens and all that weight saving in the body is then negated. Shooting down to f.2.8 right through has its advantages though and it's a super sharp lens.

02 Who sponsors you?

The short answer is: nobody. It's always been my opinion that sponsors and reviewers don't always go hand in hand. In my opinion, you can't take payment and then speak truthfully about a product because the company may well expect you to sell their stuff. It's a fair deal like that but isn't something I want to get involved in. Whenever I review a product there are no strings attached. If I've got the item for free, the company is well aware that I'm at liberty to say whatever I want. However, there are a few brands that I work with. Those companies don't send things for review. I either swap my time for their items or I purchase them outright if I'm reviewing them. Otherwise, they're never mentioned.

03 Who are you?

Just a bloke from Yorkshire, really. I don't actually work in the cycling industry at all (although, I wouldn't mind!). I just like bikes and wanted to share some of my own opinions and thoughts. Things seemed to take off and I enjoy writing, photographing, and filming. It's nice to look back on my projects over the years and see my time documented. If others like that too, then great.