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Author: Lew

Around Christmas time, I bought a Santa Cruz Bronson. It's my dream bike and was something I was set on. I weighed up other options, including the amazing bikes from Airdrop, Bird and Orange. I almost went for a British brand just out of principle, but

Somewhere between December 2015 and today, I managed to take Pedal Slip from an idea about sharing MTB experiences with others; through to a social media platform for MTB discussions; an independent MTB brand; and even dabbled in a little film making. It's actually come full circle.

My favourite rides are always the rides with great people. I’m lucky enough that I’ve got a great riding friend, who also helps out with lots of the Pedal Slip things we do, and riding with him makes everything much more enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, I love riding even when I’m on my own, but the chance to learn from someone else; watch them take different lines; or get them to bolster your confidence before hitting a jump… having a riding buddy makes things much more of a laugh.
So when we decided to head across to the Mountain Bike Meetup (MTBMeetup) this year, we were super excited at the prospect of meeting other people who we could share our passion with. We weren’t disappointed.
Honestly, at first I wasn’t sure what to expect. I suppose part of me thought it might be some massive corporate-style event, where everyone simply wanted to talk specs and try to sell you more stuff. The other part of me underestimated the idea of it totally. I found myself explaining the idea of MTBMeetup to my non-riding friends as some kind of elitist group that gathers every now and then: “oh, it’s just some thing where a bunch of people will go ride some trails together. We’ll likely just end up riding them on our own anyway.” I couldn’t have been more wrong.