This is Pedal Slip, a small blog all about mountain biking.

Since I was little, I’ve ridden bikes; BMXs, 90s hardtails, MX bikes… Two wheels are what i know. Building jumps and berms when we were kids was what we did. I regularly took my BMX out, dropping off anything I could; and I loved to build kickers in our garden.

Since 2015, when I first put this blog together, lots has changed. I’ve met some great people through biking, attended (and even helped organise) some brilliant events, and dabbled in apparel production.

I host a weekly mountain biking discussion on Twitter, using the #MTBTalk tag, and this has been a major part of connecting with others.

Now, this site is a dedicated blog to my own adventures and riding. I’ll be working with To The Trail on video projects over the coming months so be sure to check them out, and in the meantime enjoy my blog!

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