April 2019

Stops me from getting out

  • Journal

It’s not often that I don’t ride my bike. I work full time so I don’t get out as much as I’d like, but almost every weekend there’s a day I dedicate solely to the bike. During work holidays, I’m sometimes able to get two or three rides in during a week. When I’m not riding or working, I’m usually writing, drawing or reading about… Read More »Stops me from getting out

It went like the clappers

  • Reviews

In December of 2017 I bought my dream bike. My parents helped persuade me with their mantra of “you can’t take money to the grave; live your life” – especially my dad. He’d been into his scooters and road bikes at my age and I guess he’d spent a fair bit on them. Both of my parents value happiness over money and recently my mum… Read More »It went like the clappers