June 2018

Endura Helium Jacket

Endura waterproofs have always been highly recommended to me and so I was initially excited to purchase the Helium when I saw it was on offer at almost half price. Last winter, it served me fairly well keeping me dry on most rides. However, it’s been replaced by the Royal Racing Matrix jacket over this winter. Turns out, just because it’s Endura, it doesn’t mean… Read More »Endura Helium Jacket

Louri Strap | A Packless Solution

Packless riding is something I’ve been trying to master now for the last two years – the thought of having to ride with a pack has never particularly pleased me. I don’t like the way bags sit on my shoulders or slide around as I ride. As packless riding gathers popularity, and ‘Enduro style’ takes over, there’s more and more on the market which is… Read More »Louri Strap | A Packless Solution

Rad 8 Photochromic 504 Glasses

It’s a bit of a mouthful for a product name but essentially they’re mountain biking glasses designed to be worn all day without any need to swap lenses or take them off. The photochromic lens is the star of the show on this pair of glasses as it’s designed to transition to a darker tint when it’s sunny, and lose the shading when it’s not.… Read More »Rad 8 Photochromic 504 Glasses

Lady Cannings | The Outdoor City’s Trail Centre

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Sheffield is well known for its active sports. In fact, it’s known as ‘the outdoor city’ because of its climbing, walking and, of course, biking. Lady Cannings is one of the newer official trail centres that Sheffield now offers and offers two different runs from top to bottom. Although it’s named as a ‘trail centre’, Lady Cannings isn’t what you’d normally expect from a trail… Read More »Lady Cannings | The Outdoor City’s Trail Centre

Royal Racing Matrix Jacket

A good waterproof jacket is something I’ve searched for and now I’ve finally found one. Royal Racing’s Matrix jacket is excellent. After trying some cheaper coats, I finally forked out and bought the real deal. And I’m glad I did. For rainy days and winter weather, I wanted something that would truly keep me warm and dry, even on those days where we get proper… Read More »Royal Racing Matrix Jacket

eBay ‘Troy Lee’ Gloves

eBay is a place for bargains… sometimes. Other times, it’s a place for utter disappointment. The old saying of “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is” rings through my ears as I write this review. Seriously, what was I thinking? Troy Lee gloves for a fiver. Really? I’d spotted them on eBay almost by chance and figured they’d be worth a… Read More »eBay ‘Troy Lee’ Gloves

Videography | There’s More Than Meets The Eye

Since 2015, when ‘Pedal Slip’ began, I’ve dedicated huge chunks of time to mountain biking and connecting with others in the MTB community. It’s been a massive part of my life and it’s incredible to think that a two-wheeled off-road vehicle has meant that I’ve managed to meet and hang out with some of the best people I now know. I’m incredibly thankful that I… Read More »Videography | There’s More Than Meets The Eye

Specialized Turbo Kenevo Review

Bike reviews by me are never about the technical specifications of the bike – you can find that anywhere online. They’re all about how the bike feels. My personal preference is playfulness over speed. The Kenevo is what Specialized have come up with in answer to hills. Put simply, it’s essentially a personal uplift, designed to get you to the top with ease and then allow… Read More »Specialized Turbo Kenevo Review