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10 Bike Films You Should Watch

I’ve not been totally off the bike but I’ve certainly be off for at least 4 weeks, with the exception of last week’s trip to the trails to break that pattern. The last time I rode before that was at Grenoside then Dalby in sunshine and warm weather. Since then, the rain has started to come, the leaves have begun dropping from the trees, and I’ve donned the waterproof socks for the first time this winter (though it was for a walk). 4 weeks feels like an age but I’ve had a busy time at work so bikes have had to take a pause for a while.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to get my fix of bikes by the endless watching of Red Bull TV and mountain biking YouTube videos. I’ve filled the void by living through other shredders and think I’ve found some of the best content on the web. So, without any further babble, here’s some links and stuff to things I think you should give a little look.

  1. The Trail To Kazbegi – An epic adventure shot in the former Soviet Union. The scenery alone makes this worth a watch but it’s so much more than that. Normal (ish) folk riding bikes and telling an amazing story. Camping out in a place like that, and the somewhat dodgy border crossings all add to a sense of adventure and create a great story.
  2. Revel In The Chaos – Who doesn’t like to watch Brandon Semenuk on a bike? Incredible skills mixed with some artsy filmography and even a bit of fire. Need I say more?
  3. Shifted – One that’s not so well know, but still well worth a watch. Back in 2013, Virtu media released their first full length film. The result is a whole heap of riding footage that’s bound to get you stoked to ride. The trails look amazing and show some of that typical Canadian greatness that you’ll be used to seeing if you watch any bike video shot there.
  4. A Slice of British Pie – Bryceland, Loosedog, Atwill, Fairclough and plenty of others. A proper film from Britain to remind you to have fun on your bikes. Compared to the others, the filming is a little more on the home-shot feel but it more than makes up for it with the quality of riding and the barrel of laughs it provides.
  5. The Bus: A Story of Friends and Fun – We’re going back for another Joey Schusler creation (as with the first in this list). It’s not strictly a biking video but is well worth a watch as it tells the story of a bunch of friends travelling around and having the most fun possible. Makes me want to buy a bus.
  6. Tour of the Scottish Hebrides – Barry Godin‘s apparently always positive outlook on life sees regular uploads to his Vimeo account and envy of his adventures sets in. This one involves bike packing and wild camping though so it’s all the better for a watch.
  7. Danny Macaskill: The Ridge – It wouldn’t be right to have a bike film list with at least some mention of Danny Mac. Truth be told, I could’ve almost filled this list with his videos as they’re all beyond brilliant. The Ridge has all of the things that make for great viewing though: epic scenery, mind-blowing stunts and a sense of adventure. If you’ve not seen this yet, where have you been?
  8. Builder – Full on appreciation for those that make trails what they are. This is all about building as much as it is riding. With some amazing shots of seemingly mundane stuff (shovelling dirt), it’s one of my favourites. Makes me want to go pick up a shovel and make some berms.
  9. Rad Company – We’ve established that Brandon Semenuk is amazing. So imagine if he got together with some of the world’s best riders and they maybe filmed some stuff with the aim of being ‘all killer, no filler’. Yeah, that’s what this is.
  10. Ride Your F#%king Bike – Fox gathered Bryceland and crew again and filmed some of their antics. The result is as hilarious as the opening warning. The riding’s pretty good too.


Got a recommendation for me the next time I can’t get on my bike? Be sure to post it as a comment below or let me know on Twitter or Facebook.

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    1. Thanks!

      You’ve made something very special there. The filming is awesome but the documentary-like narration over the top really makes it. Really, really good job! Thanks for sharing it with me.

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